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1962 Canadian Balsam XMAS Trees $1.00 and Up

Tree Trimming

Lady apples about 1 ½ inches in diameter, make pretty Christmas tree decorations hung singly on branches with heavy thread. To hang, thread a long large eyed needle with black No 8 thread. Push it from stem end through to bud end. Push back through from bud end to stem end about 1/8 inch from first stitch. Cut thread leaving both ends long enough to tie.  1962


Have you ever seen a reindeer dance? If you haven't, you should have been at Jackson High school a few weeks ago in Mrs. V. L. Bryant's brightly decorated homeroom. Amid the gay chatter of the latin students, enjoying delicious, refreshments and talking to their heart's content, a reindeer dance had begun. And who was leading this reindeer dance? None other than Mrs. Bryant herself. All attention was soon turned on these happy "reindeer." Although I suspect most eyes were focused on the happiest of them all, Mrs. Bryant.

Earlier in the meeting, Patricia Parrish read the Christmas story and everyone repeated the Lord's Prayer in Latin. Janie Ridgeway presented Mrs. Bryant her Christmas present from the Latin Club.

The program consisted of a few competitive games. Refreshments were then served, during which time the students sang some songs, and had a gay time. It was at this time that the reindeer dance began.

The Christmas tree and other decorations in Mrs. Bryant's room added greatly to the gay mood of the party. -Billy Cawthon, Reporter.
Source: Jackson Progress-Argus, Jackson, Georgia - December 20, 1962


How America Celebrated Christmas in the 1960s

1962 Wife Photo Portrait Gift for her Husband

1962 Newspaper Heading 'Society' December 20th Christmas Time


Mrs. Lou Moelchert held an informal open house Monday afternoon for teachers of the Primary Department of the First Baptist Sunday School and teachers of the seventh grade at Jackson Elementary School. Guests called between the hours of 3:30 and 5:00 o'clock.

The home was attractively decorated using the color scheme of red and green, in keeping with the Christmas Season.

Mrs. Moelchert served the guests delectable sandwiches, cakes, candied grapefruit peel, rum balls, and Russian tea or coffee. (1962)

1964 Merry Christmas From County Drain Commissioner

1966 Elf - Santa's Gift Guide

**BATHROOM ACCESSORIES MAKE WELCOME GIFTS - Boxed towel sets feature vivid patterns.


Christmas gift ideas for easy sewing

When it comes to making gifts for Christmas, you don't have to be the most talented seamstress on the block. If you can stitch a straight seam and do simple sewing by hand or machine, you can turn out gifts that are both appealing and useful. Take placemats, for example. Make simple rectangle shapes from bold striped cotton denim or sailcloth, allowing a half yard of fabric for each mat. Play up the stripes by stitching on rows of rick rack in varying sizes and contrasting colors. Apply the rick rack rows directly to the stripes, using jumbo size rick rack on the widest stripes, and medium size on smaller stripes.

1962 Give The Boy Or Girl A Second Television
Give The Boy Or Girl A Second Television - 1962

1964 - Merry Christmas - We have enjoyed knowing and serving you this year - Erickson Coleman Hardware.

I'M COMING YOUR WAY - 1961 - Santa

Honolulu Frowns On Early Yule

HONOLULU (AP) Honolulu's City Council has told the Chamber of Commerce Retail Board that it is determined to stamp out what the council considers excessive early Christmas business promotion. Council members said Tuesday that next year they won't permit any decorations to go up until Dec. 1.  1965
1964 Christmas Greeting - Best Holiday Wishes
     Santa and the Hippies - 1968
SYNOPSIS: Ding Dong, sent by the hippies to capture Santa Claus and keep him prisoner in Hippieville, changes his mind about the mission. But he tricks Santa into going to Hippieville so the hippies can see that Santa isn't a square.
December 9th, 1968 - Las Cruces Sun-News
Purple Flower
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